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Dates Left For 2016:
December 16
December 23
December 30
Getting hitched has never been easier!
What is a pop up wedding?

A Pop-Up wedding is a fancy elopement that you share with family and friends. 

We'll make sure it is super stylish and exceeds your wildest expectations.

It is much more cost effective in comparison to a traditional wedding,
 but is easy as 1... 2... 3.

Pop-Ups are the ultimate solution for the off-beat modern bride who wants to tie the knot with amazing boutique style in beautiful location 
  without any added planning stress.

A short and sweet elopement wedding ceremony by an authorized wedding celebrant, witnessed by up to 20 of your nearest and dearest family and friends.
Photo shoot

A fun and authentic ceremony and elopement with photo shoot at the beach location.

The elopement ceremony is beautifully styled with wedding arbor, themed decor, petite bouquet for the bride, and a bout for the groom.
Then you party!

We provide you with your lovely sweetheart cake and a bottle of sparkling bubbly.

  All of this happens in under an hour then you’ve got the rest of the day to party elsewhere!
Choose A Pop Up Date
December 16, 2016
Key West
December 23, 2016
Key West
December 30, 2016
Hutchinson Island
Pop-Up Wedding
 All Inclusive 
Extra surprise goodies included!
Just how much, exactly, does it cost to say "I do"? 
Well, if you're a bride or groom in the U.S., it will likely set you back more than $32,000. 
Do you really want to toss away that much cash for one big day?
  We have the perfect solution!

Island Girl Weddings is a creative collective of wedding industry leaders that envision and deliver very special events in Southern Florida.

We do two things really well: 

1.) Create epic boutique pop-up wedding events.
2.) Officiate simple marriage ceremonies.

​After over a decade planning and delivering destination beach weddings in Southern Florida...   
           Debra and Marc dreamed up this simple concept.  
Wouldn't it be nice if a couple could have a fancy elopement, but not have to incur the entire cost?
The trick would be to share resources with some others who are getting married on the same day, but skillfully organize so that each couple gets the wedding of their dreams without compromising the awesomeness of the day.

  Everyone experiences all of the joy
  while skipping the hassles of planning, not to mention bearing all of the expense alone.  

A pop up wedding is the original fun & fancy elopement!

  Lead by the creative dream team of Marc Davis & Debra Van Dyke.
  Both are experienced and passionate about celebrating marriage in a festive, modern way. Every detail is carefully planned to give you the best possible experience on a tight budget. The real magic comes when you experience your big day. Precious and important
  elements and emotions of a traditional wedding have been preserved for you
your friends, and family to remember.  
All The Love. 
Stress Free.

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